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IMDB database information on the film here.

Director of She's Got an Atomic Bomb, Cihan Kaan meets Mayor of Hiroshima Tadatoshi Akiba and discusses the film and nuclear proliferation. Mr. Akiba organizes anti-nuclear proliferation movements; here's a video message from him.


There are striking similiarities between Richard Kelly's new film Southland Tales and She's Got an Atomic Bomb. Our film was shot and released independantly in 2004 based on script written in 1994, way before any cultural leanings on Apocalypse oriented movies, let alone satirical ones. It's worth noting that before production of the film began and way before any festival screenings, the original script which was feature length, contained scenes and plotpoints, even dialogue found in Southland Tales. More analysis to come...


Guess what? The Film's got distribution!!! YAY!


Available at most Hot Topic stores as well.


"She's Got an Atomic Bomb" XMAS DVD set goes on sale through this site and eightbit.com


"She's Got an Atomic Bomb" Picks up the Evil City Film Festival award for BEST SHORT FILM.


Evil City Film Fest announces SGAB to screen at Pioneer theater Sunday October 15th, 2006. see listing at their website


Go-Kart Films set to distribute SGAB on TWISTED DVD Vol 2.


Landbridge Massive Pictures enters the MYSPACE arena. Check out SGAB and their studios at myspace.com/landbridge


B-Movie Film Fest screens SGAB to rave reviews, thanks to Ron Bonk, founder of the fest.
Here's an interview with Cihan Kaan live at the festival. Hear him talk about making the movie over here at wirestream networks: click here to watch interview with the director (scroll down to Cihan Kaan when on their site)

Also, here's a Syracuse bloggers review of the film: click here for review


"She's Got an Atomic Bomb" to open B-Movie Film Fest in Syracuse, NY on Thurday, March 2nd 2006. [more info...]


"She's Got an Atomic Bomb" will also be screening at the Lost Film Festival 10, thurs Oct 6 at 9pm with Starslyderz. This screening is in West Philly.


This just in from national security headquarters...

We are pleased to announce the WORLD PREMIERE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. "She's Got an Atomic Bomb" will be publicly screened for the first time Saturday, October 1st at the Coney Island Film Festival.

"She's Got an Atomic Bomb", about a girl who makes a nuke in Brooklyn, is premiering (to the public) at the Coney Island Film Festival on October 1st.

This is a special PRE-INVITE notice. If you already have seen it at the private screenings, let me warn you, this version is mighty different. The Candiria soundtrack has been replaced with pure 8Bit electronica, and new scenes have been added.

If you haven't seen it, this may be the last time you can before Rumsfeld tosses Director Cihan Kaan in Gitmo for treason. For more information and to RSVP to this even click here.


An interview with the Directo Cihan Kaan, where he discusses the idea behind the film as well as his past and present are up at these links: For quicktime click here. For flash click here.


An article went live today on the NYC IMC (New York City Independant Media Center) entitled, "Drunk on Punk" about our movie. "...When asked about the movie’s target audience, Cihan [the director] replied, 'I made it for everyone. Suburban kids and New Yorkers. I wanted the mainstream to be able to digest certain things and New Yorkers to be able to digest certain things. The cinematic grammar had to be accessible and open. Otherwise nobody gets it – the message or the joke.'" [read whole article]


NY Vigilante Fest , a private invite only event Cihan started to get more exposure for his film and his friends kicks off it's Micro-Fest with FILMS FROM THE ATOMIC UNDERGROUND featuring She's Got an Atomic Bomb, Adventures in Clubland and GK2. [see invite]

Adventures in Clubland lands distribution deal with euro distro company on the same night. Also, thanks to our renegade screenings Taliban Country also landed a PBS deal after the Errorist event, see below.

We've gotten many requests to put She's Got an Atomic Bomb online. We understand the "cyber-wood" community is flourishing but have no plans for open viewings on the net as of now. This movie will be under wraps and can only be seen at screenings until the DVD is released. More invite-only screenings coming up in your town so RSVP now to get the upcoming screening dates.


"Errorisim: A Night of Deprogramming" Screening a success. Fantasic crowd reactions to She's Got an Atomic Bomb as well as a insightful Q&A following the film Taliban Country. Highlight from the evening was the attendance by Henson Productions original Dark Crystal and Muppets creators.


This little line appeared in NYPRESS, "She's Got an Atomic Bomb: Directed locally by Cihan Kaan for almost no money this spoof on today's climate of fear looks amply funny, and definitely more entertaining than most of what's out there."


Tribes Screening a sell-out hit. Yet another private invite-only evene but still people turned away at door due to the huge showing (everyone we invited came and brought friends). We would like to show our appreciation to Tribes for showcasing our films and those who have attended screenings or plan on doing so. We are getting closer to the public release of the film. Those who came to the premiere or DEKK screenings should check out the remix as the film is different than before! Thank you for showing support!!!

We also got a fresh batch of T-shirts designed by brooklyn based artist Deems (inaspoon.com) who also designed the films opening credits. See our merch section.


DEKK Screening (75-100 people showed up for a variety of films, not just ours). However we got a review from it, "...Awesome little flick, slick, terrific music - I called it 'The Warriors; of our generation - it's all quintessential punk rock Brooklyn. I can't wait for part 2." [read full bloggers review]


150+ attend private invite only premiere of "She's Got an Atomic Bomb" [read directors statement]