"Two Shorts & A Shake of Poetry"

at Tribes Gallery [see invite]

on March 25, 2005 from 7-9pm

$10 admission

Landbridge Massive Pictures invites you to a night of empowering new short films and poetry:

"Two Shorts & A Shake of Poetry"

at A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery @ 285 East Third Street (Between C & D)
(212) 674-3778

on March 25, 2005 from 7-9pm

She's Got an Atomic Bomb 
25 min/Comedy Directed by Cihan Kaan  (2004)
A girl on the verge of sanity and eviction. A quiet Brooklyn neighborhood seething and blaming her for an explosion of the sewage treatment plant. A time when depleted uranium is sold on the street by the local Russian mafia…. Angst, unnecessary violence, and hardcore punk rock music. The recipe for annihilation in a hyperreal world when an atomic bomb can be made from two welded together salad bowls. A film about bad science, big hair and vintage cars, NOT a film about nuclear proliferation!

The Anti-Vigilante
33 minutes/Action Directed by Joshua Bee Alafia

When a Caribbean-born South Asian man is roughed up on the street because he "looks like an Arab", his American-born son is outraged. Ignoring his parent's advice to let it go, this young man dresses up in traditional Arabic dress and walks the street as a kind of shark bait for bigots. This politicized Kung Fu film raises issues of racial profiling and vigilantism.

Paolo Javier
Reading from forthcoming collection '60 lv bo(e)mbs' (O Books, fall 2005)


Paolo Javier is the author of the poetry collections 'the time at the end of this writing' (Ahadada), & '60 lv bo(e)mbs' (O Books, fall 2005). He earned an MFA at Bard College & lives in New York.

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A Gathering of the Tribes is located at:
285 East Third Street
(Between C & D)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 674-3778